Kalei (pronounced: Kay-lee), a brand new type of apple with amazing flavour, texture and sweetness that conveniently stays fresh for longer, is expected to start landing in fruit bowls in Australia in 2016.

Kalei is the result of a careful 20-year breeding program by the Queensland Government, with support from Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd and Apple and Pear Australia Ltd.

Kalei is the Hawaiian name for 'loveable' and the variety has some very desirable qualities.

Our growers love the abundance of top quality fruit, and the appleā€™s natural resilience means cleaner, greener growing.

Consumers will love the vibrant colour, texture and taste of their Kalei apple, which is noticeably sweeter and crunchier when compared to other apple varieties on the market.

Consumers will also love being able to keep Kalei in their fruit bowl where it will retain its firmness, texture and crispness for up to three weeks.

Look out for the Kalei label in your local supermarket, grocer or farmers market in 2016.

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